MUST FINANCE TECHNOLOGIES MFT is a Future-Oriented Hybrid Fintech Company. A group of companies with parent company as Must Finance Technologies, Must Fintech, Must & Mark Innovation Technologies LLP and Cluster Enterprises.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. We have been evolving with Blockchain Finance Technology for a decade with the development of a large range of creative projects, platforms, and digital advertising strategies with one purpose – create value.

We are all a software solutions provider with offerings for almost everything for businesses. Fintech, Trading and Technologies is we are specialized. We have worked on Multiple Smart Contracts and Blockchain Services in India and globally.

We Specialize in various software solutions offerings for Blockchain Technology-related Website & Mobile Applications, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Brand Creation, Digital Public Relations, and many more services. MFT is approaching technology with a challenge to develop a brand in the digital world.

We have been evolving in the Blockchain Race for a decade with our ever-growing team of developers and Finance Technology Entrepreneurs.

Now we are developing solutions for all the needs of the Businesses to improve Brand visibility and Revenue with our Solutions in Technology, Digital Advertising, Marketing Strategies, and Web 3.0 Applications.

Our Team has been operating from India, London, Dubai, and Thailand to cater to the worldwide digital solutions we can offer to the World.

We can provide services into following verticals mentioned into Blockchain Technology Solutions

-Blockchain Custodial Wallets & Non Custodial Wallets

-Smart Contract Development

-Initial Coin Offering (ICO) / Security Token Offering (STO) / Initial Dex Offering (IDO) etc.

-DAPPS Distributed Applications Development.

-Blockchain Fork on BTC / ETH / BNB / TRX / MATIC etc.

As we have been in the Information Technology industry since 2011 and with more than a decade of experienced team in Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Pune, Chennai, Nagpur, Jaipur & Madurai are happy to provide all online solutions in record speed of 48-72 Hours online.

Life at Must Finance Technologies

For over 13 years, MFT is on mission to revolutionize the Digital Finance with an Ecosystem for all Fintech Solutions at its best. Our years of experience in trading, technologies, asset management, market research, out of the box approach and trading strategy development, consulting for finance, technology.

We have already successfully handled small to enterprise level clients in the last decade thus giving our core team a vast exposure in Fintech Space. Must Finance Technologies in 2021 expanded its development to IT Hub of India, that is Bengaluru, Karnataka as Must & Mark Innovation Technologies LLP.

Our Teams Life is Hybrid as our team works Online via different methods connected 24*7 on Call, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, SMS, Website, LinkedIn.

Currently Projects are Partnered are in India, Latvia, London, South Africa, Cyprus, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Mauritius, South Korea, Dubai, Thailand and expanding every month. 


The Team is expanding with the Core Founders Dilip Sharma, Sanamdeep Singh, Vishhal Siingh, Kabi Zirdo and many more joining us in the Digital Finance and Blockchain Revolution. Evolution is the main reason for innovation which helps to build solutions which will stay for generations to come after 2022. Learning, Execution and Multiply is the main believe of all the MFT Founders.

The Must Finance Technologies Founders

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