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Must Finance Technologies – a leading blockchain development company – harnesses the power of blockchain and other technologies like a distributed ledger and smart contracts to build scalable, asset agnostic applications such as white label exchange platforms (centralized, decentralized, and P2P), smart wallets, ICO, STO, tokens, and other enterprise blockchain solutions development. Our experts follow a design thinking-driven approach to identify blockchain use cases and create intelligent strategies around the same to accelerate your deployments. Together, we are decentralizing the world by combining our deep domain expertise and rich experience to deliver blockchain solutions at an enterprise scale.

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We harness the potential of varied Blockchain platforms to deliver innovative enterprise-grade blockchain solutions that make a difference. We Built Biggest Engine MUSTSWAP with 8500+ Crypto Currencies.

We Specialize into Multiple Blockchain Networks.

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Blockchain Solutions for the Enterprise

Industries adopting the next wave of digital business.

Blockchain in Supply Chain

Create an immutable master ledger between trading parties; use smart contracts to eliminate bad invoices; have a single system of record that is accessible to all partners involved in a transaction.

Blockchain in Finance

Simplify and accelerate cross-border payments; execute transactions and agreements automatically with smart contracts; achieve greater accuracy, transparency and traceability of transactions; improve online identity management.

Blockchain in Insurance

Create a secure ledger of information; ensure trusted and verifiable provenance information; execute terms binding the insurer and insuree, and automate payments to insuree through smart contracts.

Blockchain in Healthcare

Simplify drug traceability; create secure and tamper-proof information, achieve nationwide interoperability; automate verification of medical claims through smart contracts; streamline medical records.

Blockchain in Energy: Oil and Gas

Ensure regulated substance monitoring and reporting; fleet and fuel tracking; leverage P2P interactions, eliminate broker fees and high cost of energy trading; manage complex supply chains.

Blockchain in Retail

Simplify inventory tracking; automate consumer and B2B payments using smart contracts; proof of authenticity; protect consumer privacy by storing their information in a decentralized, tamper-proof ledger.

Blockchain in Transportation

Achieve greater visibility of supply chain; maintain trusted data across transportation and logistics ecosystem; accelerate customs clearance using smart contracts; easy coordination of documents on a shared distributed ledger.

Blockchain in Agriculture

Bring trust and transparency to supply chain; create a secure, distributed ledger of information; facilitate exchange of data within specific stakeholders using smart contracts; control weather crisis, ensure better decision making.


Of course! our standard approach has always been to keep our end of services as open-ended as possible for our clients. We have had several clients who already owned an app or website and wanted us to upgrade our work with their existing tools, systems, and CRM.

Yes, you don’t have to worry as soon as you contact us. We follow a very strict NDA guideline so that your idea remains safe. Both parties will sign NDA, this will protect the assets and rights of both parties. To receive our NDA you can send us an email as

Definitely, you can. We would be happy to fulfill all the technology gap between us.

We have a pool of talented full-stack developers who have years of experience working on top-notch and emerging technologies

You will have the absolute ownership of the whole project, which includes Intellectual property rights, copyright NDA, source code, etc.

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